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Consultant helps lawyers keep in touch with legislation updates, comment on the updates, and consult with relevant clients about the updates. It stores an extensive, knowledge base for law students, and it compiles information about taxes and tax assessments in schemes. Because this project is truly unique, the company does not use references.

Our task was to develop this app based on provided layouts and tech specifications.

— The entire online textbook consists of 124 screens and works as a frontend application.
— The whole textbook is one HTML file. Loaded one time, it can be used offline.
— A single screen is viewable on the iPad without zooming. Screen-to-screen is available via swipe gesture.
— Almost every scheme has hidden content that opens in popups. Every scheme is available via one mechanic throughout the entire textbook.
Frontend | Consulting

Interactive infographic for Skolkovo school in special project Russia Beyond The Headlines. Works on every type of devices without Flash.
Frontend | Backend | Consulting

Club Duma is a cafe in the historical center of Moscow with a home atmosphere and tasty food at affordable prices.

The old site didn't match its communication needs. Now, visitors can subscribe to cafe events and leave requests for a banquet.

For the admin panel, we developed the following features:
— Admins can automatically publish new events in social networks.
— Admins can export event lists to the online events guide.
Admins can control user subscriptions to assist with email marketing.
Frontend | Backend

Superhit is a legal, online music player.

Our task was to develop a frontend and backend application based on provided layouts and tech specifications.

The service is stable even under the stress of 20 thousand simultaneous visitors.
— The service is adapted for the iPad, and it works on a number of other touch devices.
— Legal music is protected from repeated downloads.
— The site's navigation works on AJAX so playing music doesn't interrupt other activities.
— The site's live search comes with filters and fast sorting.

We also developed a large variety of features for the admin panel:
— Easy billing synchronization makes controlling user subscriptions and making new billing plans a snap.
— Track bases are automatically synchronized with their source.
— Player stats are accumulated via Google Analytics in the admin panel and can be used to create custom reports.

Design | Frontend | Backend | Consulting

Solid. Rent helps people with travelling abroad. It was founded in 2008, and by 2012, it acquired more than 2,000 partners from all over the world. The company assists with finding residency, locating real estate, getting a visa, transporting from the airport, and more. Using Solid. Rent, people find real estate using a wizard with filters.

We needed to achieve the following goals:
— Design and develop an extensive search function based on several real estate-based criteria.
— Simplify the admin panel to help content managers add new real properties.
Describe the company.

After launching the new site, the client stopped using SEO links without losing any traffic. In addition, the site's conversion rate is 2.4% for two target actions: booking a real property or leaving a request. Here are some of the site's current features:
— The site generates a unique, public link that favorites a user's objects. Users can share this link to review a set of objects at a later time.
— The site contains a set of ready-to-view objects.
— The site provides tips to simplify the search process. If there are an overwhelming number of search results, the site advises the user to add new search criteria. If there are no search results, the site automatically removes a criterion so that the results are no longer empty.
Lightbox images are uploaded with a simple swipe on a touch device, such as the iPad, Sony or Ultrabook.
Design | Frontend | Backend | Consulting is one of Moscow's biggest e-commerce shops. It sells a large variety of consumer equipment, and serves as an official dealer of Bosch and Siemens, Electrolux, Kaiser, Panasonic, Ardo, Candy, Saeco, Atemi, Kenwood, Nokian, Nobo, Philips, Beko, Noirot, Zigmund & Shtain, Mabe, and Elikor. was one of the first Russian online companies to start an e-commerce business in 2004.

Vasko's existing website was old and ineffective, so we focused on the following goals:
— Increase conversion rates of two key actions: adding to cart and buying.
— Improve the company image.
— Decrease the SEO budget to zero.
— Decrease server costs and simplify the admin panel.

— We significantly simplified the catalog's information structure.
— We designed a new approach to the site's interaction.
— We developed a new backend app for the site with online billing, CRM integration and content geo-dependency.

It was a major project, but very interesting. We had to develop the whole platform from the very beginning and optimize the selling and buying process for both the client and manager.

Design | Frontend | Backend | Consulting

Promodz is based in Moscow and develops water-cooling systems for home computers, servers and datacenters. The company reached its five-year mark in 2012.

Our task was to describe the company.

With this simple site, we walked through all of our workflow; created a brief with business goals and key messages; developed several prototypes, complete with information architecture and content; built several layouts; and developed the backend on Python / Django.

— The product catalog page works with an HTML5 HISTORY API without having to reload the page. At the same time, links are unique and don't hinder search indexation.
— The site is fully adaptive to all devices. For touch devices, we added swipe gestures on the main page for listing banners on the iPad and Windows 8 notebook.
— The site's logo is in SVG format so that it looks great on a Retina display.
— The site's HTML markup fits modern standards of semantics. Visitors can call from an iPhone by clicking the telephone link in the footer. The fields on the contact form work with the MAC Safari address book. Company contact information downloads to an address book through the microformat extension of a browser as well.
— Safari Reader works on all article pages.
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Visual Science creates educational and scientific 3D models of molecules, viruses and body organs. In 2011, it won the 8th International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge award for its breakthrough 3D model of the HIV virus.

Our task was to develop the site's frontend and backend based on a provided design.

— The site is fully adaptive to accommodate varying screen widths.
— The site's JavaScript animations work on any device, zoom above images, drag-n-drop and rotate 360 degrees around objects. All these animations work without flash.
— The site's content is geo-dependent. Visitors see and read the language that's appropriate for their region.
— The site uses special software that styles hanging punctuation.
— The site's admin panel provides a set of cool features, including publically available information at pre-defined times, set-off addition symbols, and more.