Оur basic principles of work ethics and requirements to achieve results:
  • Profit for business
  • Prerequisites for project being successful
  • Design should help user and nothing more
  • Interface is simple and intuitive
  • Optimization for all major devices and browsers
  • Stable work at highloads


WB-Tech launched in 2011. As of today, our team consists of ten professionals, each of which has four years of web development experience.

History and Target Market

Our first projects were simple websites for small to medium size businesses. Soon after, our vision shifted towards projects that were more complex and a desire to help businesses automate their day-to-day operations with modern methods of internet technology. We are, therefore, interested in working with large and complex web development projects. Only with time permitting, may we take on the small website project.

Besides the clients projects we have launch two our own web services:

  • Tasks we were involved in

    We have experience in solving following tasks:

    1. Highload ecommerce
    2. Analytics system for ads network
    3. Online music player
    4. Real time auction
    5. Online video converter
    6. Data visualisation
    7. Extensions for browsers
    8. Single page applications
  • Technologies

    For frontend development we use: CSS3, SVG, Canvas, Touch Events, jQuery, HTML5 Audio, HTML5 Video, HTML5 Geolocation API, HTML5 History API, HTML5 WebSockets, Emmet, SASS, CoffeeScript, GruntJS, Google Charts API, Raphael, AngularJS and more.

    For backend development we use: Python (Django, Flask), Node.js, Socket. IO, Redis, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Memcached, Sphinx, elastic search, faye, express, jinja2, Git, node-webkit, TDD, Selenium, RESTful API, SPA and more.

Clientele and Case Studies

We work with various types of businesses, ranging from the sole businessperson to the international corporate institution. Here are some of the clients that we worked with in the past.

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