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Promodz is based in Moscow and develops water-cooling systems for home computers, servers and datacenters. The company reached its five-year mark in 2012.


Our task was to describe the company.


With this simple site, we walked through all of our workflow; created a brief with business goals and key messages; developed several prototypes, complete with information architecture and content; built several layouts; and developed the backend on Python / Django.


  • The product catalog page works with an HTML5 HISTORY API without having to reload the page. At the same time, links are unique and don’t hinder search indexation.
  • The site is fully adaptive to all devices. For touch devices, we added swipe gestures on the main page for listing banners on the iPad and Windows 8 notebook.
  • The site’s logo is in SVG format so that it looks great on a Retina display.
  • The site’s HTML markup fits modern standards of semantics. Visitors can call from an iPhone by clicking the telephone link in the footer. The fields on the contact form work with the MAC Safari address book. Company contact information downloads to an address book through the microformat extension of a browser as well.
  • Safari Reader works on all article pages.