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Solid. Rent helps people with travelling abroad. It was founded in 2008, and by 2012, it acquired more than 2,000 partners from all over the world. The company assists with finding residency, locating real estate, getting a visa, transporting from the airport, and more. Using Solid. Rent, people find real estate using a wizard with filters.


We needed to achieve the following goals:

  • Design and develop an extensive search function based on several real estate-based criteria
  • Simplify the admin panel to help content managers add new real properties
  • Describe the company


After launching the new site, the client stopped using SEO links without losing any traffic. In addition, the site’s conversion rate is 2.4% for two target actions: booking a real property or leaving a request. Here are some of the site’s current features:

  • The site generates a unique, public link that favorites a user’s objects. Users can share this link to review a set of objects at a later time.
  • The site contains a set of ready-to-view objects.
  • The site provides tips to simplify the search process. If there are an overwhelming number of search results, the site advises the user to add new search criteria. If there are no search results, the site automatically removes a criterion so that the results are no longer empty.
  • Lightbox images are uploaded with a simple swipe on a touch device, such as the iPad, Sony or Ultrabook.