Visual Science

  • Frontend
  • Backend

Visual Science creates educational and scientific 3D models of molecules, viruses and body organs. In 2011, it won the 8th International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge award for its breakthrough 3D model of the HIV virus.


Our task was to develop the site’s frontend and backend based on a provided design.


  • The site is fully adaptive to accommodate varying screen widths.
  • The site’s JavaScript animations work on any device, zoom above images, drag-n-drop and rotate 360 degrees around objects. All these animations work without flash.
  • The site’s content is geo-dependent. Visitors see and read the language that’s appropriate for their region.
  • The site uses special software that styles hanging punctuation.
  • The site’s admin panel provides a set of cool features, including publically available information at pre-defined times, set-off addition symbols, and more.